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Mary Higgins Clark's 'Before I Say Goodbye'

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Mary Higgins Clark: Before I Say GoodBye

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Book Summary

Many email marketers invest a lot in optimizing their welcome and sales emails but treat their re-engagement message as an afterthought — why spend time, money and resources optimizing a message for leads that are least likely to convert? But the truth is, overlooking your re-engagement emails leaves a huge hole in your sales funnel.

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People disengage for a lot of reasons, and your efforts to reach out could potentially fix those issues. Failing to re-engage will cost you in missed conversions and revenue you never realized.

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Use a Powerful Subject Line Strong subject lines are always important in email marketing, but even more so with re-engagement emails. Here are a few good examples: Long time, no see Are you giving us the cold shoulder? Did we do something wrong? Focus on Illustrating Value Getting unengaged subscribers to click on your email is the hard part. Ardustry Home Entertainment.

Sean Young as Nell MacDermott. Christopher Shyer as Adam.

Before I Say Goodbye | Mary Higgins Clark

Ursula Karven as Lisa Ryan. Peter DeLuise as George Brennan. Aaron Douglas as Jack Scalfani. Lloyd Bochner as Mac MacDermott. Claudette Mink as Bonnie Wilson. Winston Rekert. Woody Jeffreys. See All Audience Reviews.

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Before We Say Goodbye

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