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This is a gentle person with a special sensitivity and the will to forge a romance that they can be proud of, preferably with someone on the same frequency as them.

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Number 4s are in for the revelation of their lives when they find someone with whom they can be exactly who they are. The first letter of a name is the Cornerstone, and according to Numerologists is the main indication of how someone handles new situations, any opportunities or troubles in life. With a preference for thinking rather than doing, the temperament of those whose first letter of the name is L is exposed to procrastination tendencies but the last minute creative solutions are out of this world.

The letter that ends a name, the Capstone, depicts that individual's attitude towards the moment something is coming to completion in their life. The A Capstone inspires a sense of ambition and accountability, as well as the wish to respect promises that have been made, no matter the obstacles and the opposition that appear along the way.

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This name tends to be in the company of people who care about generosity and uniqueness, plus, one should avoid people who are impractical and spiteful. On the consciousness scale, the vibrational energy of the name Lisdalia is associated with the Enlightenment level. Denoting rebirth and sincerity, Green represents a color universally associated with the environment. Being in the presence of this color provides mental and physical relaxation.

Based on numerology, this name tends to bring more fortune in the life of a person whose birth year ends in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. Saturday, the lucky day of the week for people who have this name, is the day of the planet Saturn and inspires ambition and precision. Symbolically, the month of February seems to revolve around progress and eagerness.

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This is a time to start working to make your wishes come true. When channeled, the spiritual energy of February stimulates a reflection upon what other's actions mean for the individual. Those named Lisdalia have as lucky gemstone the Agate, which evokes positive thoughts that cleanse the mind and attract good fortune.

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Agate can reintroduce equilibrium in the life of a troubled soul and channel positive energies. As a totem animal, the Bull embodies virility and strength.

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At its core, the Bull symbolism encourages one to do whatever it takes to honor the promises they have made. Search Obituaries. Lisdalia Marques Gomes.

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