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The English city of Canterbury is home to two highly respected universities, one of the oldest public schools in Britain and, thanks to it's cathedral and being the seat of the Church of England, is at the very heart of English history. It was therefore something of a surprise when a group of musicians associated with progressive and avant-garde music came to define the sound of the city in the late s.

Following the release of an impressive self-titled debut on Verve, in the band signed to Decca's Deram label where they would record some of the most progressive and elegant music across the decade. Newly remastered and presented in a deluxe page hardback book with a fourth disc of new material! Mother Gong's 'Robot Woman' trilogy is widely accepted as one of the pinnacles of the band's career.

Previously only available on 3 vinyl LP releases pressed in small number in the 's this long-awaited release heralds the first appearance of 'Robot Woman' 1, 2 and 3 on CD, something devoted Gongsters have been requesting for years.

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Also included is a fourth disc of fascinating 'Demos and Rarities,' 18 previously un-released unknown and hidden extras, the earliest of which dates from The audio on all the discs has been carefully re-mastered by Harry Williamson at Spring Studios in Australia from his original master tape archive. All four discs are housed in a deluxe, full-coloured page, hardback book, strictly limited to 1, copies. There is an entertaining, highly illuminating history of Mother Gong written by Williamson with many previously unseen photographs and artefacts from his personal collection.

And in true detailed Williamson style, Harry has also provided an annotated guide to the entire Robot Woman trilogy. This most complete of deluxe releases is rounded off with an essay by long-time Mother Gong supporter and friend Ric Chafen, plus the full lyrics of the Trilogy. Alongside a gathering of some excellent musicians, Gong's Didier Malherbe and Van Der Graaf Generator's Guy Evans add their high talents to Harry's engaging, intelligent, melodic jazz and even classically tinged rock on Robot Woman.

The whole project has been lovingly produced and curated by Harry Williamson. It is, without doubt, a definitive Mother Gong release, one bound to find favour with Gong followers of all altitudes and all latitudes. Bruce Cockburn's new release Crowing Ignites is another dazzling instrumental album that will further cement his reputation as both an exceptional composer and a picker with few peers. Unlike Speechless, which included mostly previously recorded tracks, the latest album-Cockburn's 34th-features 11 brand new compositions. Although there's not a single word spoken or sung, it's as eloquent and expressive as any of the Canadian Hall of Famer's lyric-laden albums.

It's finished! Frank Bornemann, the grand seigneur of German art and progressive rock and mastermind behind Eloy, has completed his opus magnum on the story of Joan of Arc just two years after the appearance of the first part. Impressive, and at the same time touching, this work leads us through the fascinating story of this legendary figure of the Middle Ages. In relation to it's complex thematic form and historical accuracy, the author has received support from the Centre Jeanne d'Arc in Orleans whose circle of friends he has belonged to since the s. Prayers is a christian liturgical album released for the first time in and one of the more rare of Wakeman's albums.

A contemplative piece of work and as much a meditation as a musical piece. A lot of energy can be felt throughout this album and lead vocalist Chrissie Hammond has a strong presence, supported by Rick's synthesizer and backing choir singers. Wakeman had previously written a religious album, The Gospels, and this is generally considered his follow-up. It appeared on Hope Records, a small label that also cut production.

According to his own words, only copies would be pressed, but Rick feels that there were probably more. Recordings took place in the private studio Bajonor Studio on the Isle of Man during the months of February to July For the first time ever, all the recordings of Todd Rundgren's late '60s psych rock band Nazz are collected together in one far out 3CD box set! Includes all 3 commercially released studio albums plus tons of bonus material! Packaged in a high quality clam shell box with individual replication sleeves for the CDs and two sets of liner notes detailing the history of the band with images and words!

Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey revives the Psychedelic Warlords, including frontman Craig High, keyboardist Zoie Green and guitarist Simon Wilkins, for an acid trip down memory lane on this spectacular live recording! Recorded live at the Underworld in Camden, this concert finds the band performing Hawkwind's classic behemoth Hall of the Mountain Grill in its entirety plus additional fan favorites! John the Divine The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.

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John the Divine is a place of prayer, peace, spiritual renewal, and a temple to all who love the organ'and Zorn responds in kind with a remarkably soothing and peaceful exploration of lyricism and sonic variation. Interrupted only occasionally by a few trademark Phantom of the Opera explosions, the music is meditative, devotional, and at times achingly beautiful.

Inspired by the mystical worlds of William Blake and the French organ traditions of Charles Tournemire and Olivier Messiaen, the music is an extended exploration in search of spiritual healing. Distance over Time is Dream Theater's 14th studio album. The two-time Grammy Award nominated progressive metal band have sold over 15 million records worldwide.

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For this record, the band approached things a little differently. For the first time, the members lived, wrote and recorded together at the secluded Yonderbarn studios in Monticello, NY over the course of four months. For Distance over Time, the band wanted to return to their roots and produce a more organic record. Despite these changes, Dream Theater uphold their unique signature of combining metallic aggression and progressive scope, putting it in a frame of tighter, more concise song writing. Distance over Time might deal with difficult topics, but it also reflects the spirit, joy and passion that Dream Theater put into making this album. A deluxe digipak CD edition of this vintage live recording by legendary prog rock supergroup Captain Beyond! A full concert performance that will knock your socks off including the band's signature song "Dancing Madly Backwards On a Sea of Air " and others! CD reissue. If you are a big fan of the Dutch band Focus, you might be intrigued by the solo work of band-member keyboardist and virtuoso on the flute Thijs van Leer. The album includes musical references to Bach in some numbers, and shows of Van Leer's classical training and showcases his talent as a flute player and it also shows his remarkable sense of style and form.

The album also features conductor and arranger Rogier van Otterloo, who came up with the truly lush orchestral backgrounds in which a prominent part is sung by soprano Letty de Jong. This is a great album of relaxing music, a mixture of original material that was better known in rock and recorded by Focus, together with classical items.

Bryan Beller's Mike Keneally, Joe Satriani, Aristocrats, Dethklok epic progressive double concept album featuring 26 all-star musicians. What do we keep, and what do we let go? Mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell. He knew very well who we were as we had played a show together and had a confrontation and almost a fist fight with him. Ginger was recently back from Africa and was not playing with a band at that time and after a few more drinks he agreed to come to our rehearsal room and jam with us.

It was an immediate reaction from all of us that this was a great combination , the next day we checked in to Ramport Studios which was owned by The Who and where we had recorded The Three Man Army albums and that was the beginning of BGA. Recorded three months before the seminal album at Fillmore East. Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony documents the band's remarkable one-off performance at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria alongside a full orchestra and choir, playing tracks from their debut album Psychotic Symphony as well as a selection of tracks by legendary bands.

Sunday April 5th at Ronnie Scott's was a night to remember. For that evening the world famous jazz club was taken over by a blues crowd. Gone was the cool reserve for which jazz buffs are renowned and in its place came blues fans all set for a raucous good time, and Green fans eager to see how their man was doing two years into his comeback. This Wishbone Ash Rockpalast show from captures the band at their prime, offering a blistering live performance.

The live at Rockpalast show presented here was recorded at Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany on 1st December when the band still included the core original line-up of Andy Powell on guitar and vocals, Martin Turner on bass and vocals, Steve Upton on drums and Laurie Wisefield on guitar and vocals. It captures the band at their prime, offering a blistering live performance for over an hour and a half. Andy Powell exudes a cocky confidence hidden behind sunglasses, wielding his trademark Gibson Flying V, resplendent in dark waistcoat with shirt sleeves rolled up ready for the job, while lead vocalist and bassist Martin Turner displays a flamboyance in delivery and his striped shirted and nautical look, neckerchief, single earring and bare feet all add to the effect.

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Featuring a set made up of four tracks from their breakthrough album Argus, and a selection of back catalog favorites, and opting for only one track, 'It Started in Heaven,' from their then forthcoming album of March , Locked In, it's obvious from the audience's cheer that greets the opening riff to ''The King Will Come'' from Argus that they are performing to Wishbone Ash devotees, and testament to the staying power and popularity on the continent of their breakthrough album.

Osamu Kitajima was born in Chigasaki, Japan on February 3rd and studied classical guitar and piano already in his childhood days.

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Later on in the s, when beat and rock music became the hot stuff in the popular music circuit, he joined his cousin's band "The Launchers" with his brother, before graduating from university. Osamu's cousin, Yuzo Kayama, is a famous Japanese film actor and musician. In , when Osamu was already a successful composer of TV advertising jingles, he moved to England for a year and developed an obsession for British rock music, especially in the psychedelic field.

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His eponymous album was a typical pop psyche effort for it's time, but not long after he returned home to Japan, Osamu abandoned the English sounding name and further on merged Western progressive and electronic music with Japanese folk sounds. Bureau B present a reissue of Conrad Schnitzler's Conditions of the Gas Giant, originally released on cassette in Admirers of the seminal artist Conrad Schnitzler can be found all over the planet, including the USA, of course. Matt Howarth, illustrator and independent comic artist, is one of them. He has been following Schnitzler's music since the early s whilst drawing offbeat science fiction stories.

One day Howarth came up with the idea of making Schnitzler a member of a notorious band - The Bulldaggers - who featured in one of his comic series. Not wanting to go ahead without permission, he got in touch with Schnitzler who readily embraced the idea. In fact, he posted a pile of photos by return so that the graphic artist could draw him properly. The Bulldaggers popped up repeatedly in the comics and Schnitzler was repeatedly delighted. A friendship soon developed between him and Howarth. In , Howarth designed his first cover for a Schnitzler album Concert and the following year Schnitzler entrusted him with tapes which Howarth was able to bring to the notice of the small American label Bird O' Pray.

Considering the label's predominantly punk and early garage leanings, Howarth and Schnitzler were as surprised as each other to see the album successfully released on cassette. Howarth and Schnitzler came up with the album title together. Conditions of the Gas Giant reflected the atmosphere they associated with the music, clouds of manifold colors, whirling nervously above a gaseous planet. A methane and helium tryst in sonic form - fireworks, pyrotechnics for the eyes, like the surface of Jupiter, just as Schnitzler's tracks are pyrotechnics for the ears. This is the image conveyed by Matt Howarth in the liner notes for the reissue - naturally designed by himself - based on the aborted s CD release.

He also called on his friend D. Kister for further assistance, the man who first introduced him to Schnitzler's music almost fifty years ago. First CD and vinyl release. The overall concept was to have all the films running in fixed positions so that the individual visitors would 'mix' their audio and visual experience by the speed and direction of their movement through and around the environment. Since most of the ninety-second films focused on highly technical aspects of British industry, it was decided with the producer, James Archibald and Associates, that we should do the final sound mixes with the finished films in the dubbing studio from as many ingredients as I thought necessary for each film.

So I made all those textures separately, but was never provided with the finished mixes.